Highly Reliable & Reputed,  supplier of; pomegranate and other fruit juice concentrate, tomato paste, fresh  fruits, saffron and other quality food products from Iranian market


Fruit juice concentrates
We supply various type of pure juice concentrates and purees, such as;
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate,
Apple Juice concentrate,
Sour cherry juice concentrate,
Grape (red & white) juice concentrate,
and Peach purees.

Iran known as world’s largest producer of fresh pomegranate with over one million tons per year.
We select, sort & pack the most delicious, nice appearance, higher juice ratio & softer seeds for our valuable partners worldwide.

Tomato paste
The key characteristic of Tomato paste is its taste & flavor, along with its processing technology.
Iran's tomato is known among the best in the world for its distinctive flavor. Combination of the best fresh tomato along with high-tech European-made machinery, the result is the amazing quality of tomato paste.


Saffron is cultivated in the north east of Iran, where the combination of soil and climate generates the most brilliant flavor & taste on threads of flower of Saffron.
We do select and pack “ALL RED” part of filament which contains highest taste and flavor.​​​​​​​

Dried fruits
Among the various dried fruits available in Iran following items are most distinguished produces that many people in the world are interested; 
​​​​​​​Dried Figs
We supply above items in bulk packing.

Omid Nikan

As a general trading company, OMID NIKAN is focused on export of foods & fresh produces mainly pomegranate fresh fruits and fruit juice concentrates.

Maintaining high quality standards​​​​​​​

Having a well-equipped lab today, for checking products before being offered on overseas markets, Omid Nikan is proud to present itself as one of the leading companies in exporting Iranian fresh fruit, dried fruit, and concentrate to to Europe and Far East.