OMID NIKAN CO. was founded in 1989 in IRAN as a trading company specialized in food products, fresh and processed fruits, such as pomegranate fruit, various fruit juice concentrates & purées, NFC juices, and tomato paste.

​​​​​​​Even though we are registered as a "trading company," we observe all of our supplies during manufacturing procedures and evaluate the quality of products by our skilled technicians prior to shipment.
As a result, we are a reputable and trustworthy exporter of Iranian food products in foreign markets worldwide.​​​​​​​

OMID NIKAN was honored with the highest government award in 1999 for exporting fresh fruit and juice concentrates to overseas countries, including Japan and Korea. We have done our best to maintain that standard.​​​​​​​

 Our business and operations continue to grow and expand into different sectors such as saffron, canned and processed fruits, and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, tomato paste, and agricultural products.

We believe in supplying quality products, providing the best service, and sharing our experience and knowledge with our clients worldwide, which is always our strength in global business.

We deliver our high quality fruit products under the brand name

'Persia Farm' 

The brand has built up reputation for great quality and high standards.